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Kerry Shea Penland, Founder of All’asta

Kerry Shea Penland, Founder of All’asta

Once upon a time, I dreamed of a business that filled people’s days with wonderful opportunities and lovely people with whom to enjoy them. A business that can help each of us find and write the story of our lives and share it with the world. A story that for many, might perhaps be the dream of staying home to nurture your kids while still contributing to the family finances, but for others, might be the story of creating a thriving business that forever changes your family’s future. Our auction party, likewise, is a place for Hosts and Guests alike to share their own stories and then write more of it with their favorite finds from our rich All’asta Signature Collection.

Stories and Fairytales do come in all shapes and sizes. The theme for our Fall season is carefully centered all around that storytelling and those fairytales. My dream has truly become a fairytale, and we’d like to help you dream and write yours.



Kerry Shea Penland, Founder of All’asta

Once upon a time…

As we live our everyday lives, our story evolves and is created into whatever life we dream it to be. Woodland Tales draws on the beauty from the mix of the magical and the everyday… inspiring us to build a bigger picture for ourselves, evoking a sense of wonder of the commonplace. It reminds us that fairytales, although magical, are firmly embedded in everyday life. Everyone has a tale to tell and we believe, here at All’asta, fairytales do come true. 

how it all started…

In a world where reuse, repurpose and recycle extend beyond environmental concerns, Founder Kerry Shea Penland created All’asta to provide a unique opportunity for people to gather, connect, pass along once-loved items and collect new ones. Carrying out this vision is a growing field of entrepreneurs who are creating their journey by becoming part of our story.

Find your story. Collect your treasures. Love your life.

It all started with an idea… find a way to marry the home party concept with the eBay/thrift store generation and create an opportunity for people to generate income while doing something good for the planet and themselves.

It seems everyone has something they no longer need or something they wish to sell. In early 2012, Kerry Shea Penland saw an opportunity to flip the direct selling/home party concept on its head and provide a fun social forum for people to gather and share their once-loved items in an auction. Add to that a venue for up and coming artists, craftsmen, and “makers” to introduce their goods and you have an event people will want to be a part of…

Tapping into a wealth of industry knowledge and personal connections, Kerry Shea moved All’asta from Lexington, North Carolina to its current location in Johnstown, Ohio. Here All’asta and its growing Home Office Team learn from the best and pass that expertise on to an ever-expanding field of entrepreneurs. All’asta Consultants put their genuine faith and authentic exuberance into our unique concept and are rewarded financially, personally, and professionally.

All’asta is more than a business; it’s a lifestyle. We want to bring people together to share their stories. Our mission is to empower women with their individuality and help them turn their stories into an opportunity that fits them and inspires others.

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